Sew what’s new? *groan*

So I haven’t posted here much in the last few weeks; I have been doing a fair bit of sewing, but I’ve also been writing a lot for work so blogging doesn’t appeal so much. I’ve signed up for the Fabric Stash Reduction contest at PR, and so far have finished 3 items with a total of 6.5 yards. I’m hoping to get through at least 15 yards by the end of the contest at the end of February. I’ve got tons more than that to do – but I also need to actually finish my Timmel SWAP by the end of March as well. So far I’ve done some muslins and wearable muslins for the patterns I plan to use, and one piece is cut out, but that’s it.

I’m also signing up for Wardrobe Refashion ’07. For 2 months I’m pledging to buy no new clothes (underwear, socks and shoes excluded, I believe). I’m also going to try not to buy any fabric, patterns or notions during that period, excluding lining or anything I need to finish a project off. I’ve been collecting a pile of items that are prime for refashioning, although some of them may be routed straight to charity since I’m also trying to declutter.


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