The News from Europe

Today I finally received the magazines I had ordered after Christmas from Adriana at Stoff-Art in Germany. (Note to self: pay for express shipping next time.) I got Knip-XL, which is in Dutch, and Patrones Talles Grandes from Spain. With all the praise of Patrones on AG and PR, I expected to be more impressed than I was. The Knip-XL styles appealed a lot more to me – I could see myself making up every single one of them at some point. Knipmode also used real plus-sized models, where the Patrones models were at most a RTW size 10. That’s annoying in a RTW catalog or a fashion magazine, but in a pattern magazine it’s hideous – all the clothes are too big and the fit is off, despite all the clipping I’m sure they were doing in the back of every garment. Patrones also focused a lot on classic dressy officewear, of which I don’t need a lot. I suppose I should trace and muslin a piece or two, just to make sure the fit isn’t ridiculously divine or something, before I resell the issue.

Speaking of European pattern magazines, Ottobre Design finally has pics up for their upcoming women’s issue. Everything looks very nice; simple lines, wearable and interesting.


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