Inspiration: Coldwater Creek

It’s been a great few days for buying fabric and patterns, if not for using them up. I’ve been able to sell some fabrics on PR that I wasn’t using, and some unworn clothes on ebay, which gave me an inflated paypal account, which I promptly spent down. I got the new spring Knip-XL from Stoff-Art, some patterns from Lanetz Living, some of that great Anna Sui silk from Fabric Mart, and when Gorgeous Things reposted some of that black/teal chainlink poly knit I missed out on the first time I had to snag it too. (Good thing, since it looks like it’s sold out between last night and this morning.) Got some quilting charm packs from ebay, and I’m still pondering some stuff at Wazoodle & Textile Studio. I had a Powell’s ‘moment,’ too, since I had some credit there from selling books back to them. A mad retail flurry, and I never even left the house. I blame my mom, who when she was visiting two weeks ago took me to the outlet mall and got me in a shopping mood. 🙂

The newest Coldwater Creek catalog came the other day, and several things caught my eye. I have to be careful w/ CC, since I think their fussier styles make me look icky (kinda lamb dressed as mutton, if the phrase can be reversed that way). But I do think they’re one of the few places you can still get nice details in clothes at a reasonable price. And a lot of their pieces make me think “gee, I should make that.”

This dress is a simple silhouette, and you could do the neckline with embroidery, beading, or just with trim sewn on.

This dress is adorable for spring – there are lots of patterns out there to make it. I like how they’ve used ribbon to emphasize the waistband and neckline, and how they cut the bodice pieces with the stripes parallel to the neckline edges.

My favorite has to be this linen tunic, though. I love the neck shape and the button placket, combined with the 3/4 sleeves – it looks classic but updated. I’m going to have to find a pattern to make this one (any suggestions?)

(All pictures are from Coldwater Creek, and link to the detail page for each item.)

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