Favorite Forums

Now that I’ve been around the sewing community online for a bit, I was thinking about what sites and boards I’ve found most useful. Therefore, a biased and personal list:

  • Stitcher’s Guild: Excellent members with amazing skills. Really useful feedback and constructive criticism on projects. Less traffic than PR, which can be both good and bad.
  • Pattern Review: the 800 lb gorilla of the area. There’s been quite a debate on PR’s content policies, which I’m going to avoid for the moment. Their review database is the most complete, and because of the high traffic, the classifieds are well-used. I was less than bowled over, given the price, with the one class I’ve taken through PR, though I’m sure it varies by instructor. There’s a constant influx of newbies; Grinch-like, I’m getting tired of endless beginner questions on the boards which could be answered with a few minutes searching the past threads, or a visit to the library.
  • About’s quilting forums: About’s forum software is only marginally tolerable, but this is the the deepest quilting board I’ve found online – lots of experts in a variety of areas. Has a real older, Suzy Homemaker feel to it. They also do many fabric and block swaps.
  • Craftster: an immense amount of content here, leaning toward the younger crafty crowd. I find the navigation and the many members who eschew spelling, capitalization, or basic sentence construction tiresome. Last time I checked, they did do a lot of swaps, if that’s of interest to you.

What about you? Any places you always visit?

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