Favorite vendors

Yay, another biased and incomplete list! This time, of online fabric stores etc.

  • Fabric.com: Concentrated mostly on the value-priced area, with some great deals. The closest to a one-stop shop online besides J’s & H’s. The folks who run it seem nice.
  • Fabric Mart: unique pieces that can be a real bargain; good quality overall, and their inventory changes quickly.
  • Gorgeous Things: everyone probably knows of Ann and her new fabric enterprise – lots of unique pieces at reasonable prices. So far really good in printed knits.
  • Fashion Fabrics Club Ridiculously low prices on many items; shipping is slow.
  • Textile Studio: same folks who do Textile Studio patterns; fabrics are mostly knits and natural fibers, really high quality with reasonably affordable prices.
  • Denver Fabrics: now has 1 cent swatches, and a wide variety of fabrics and notions. Quick shipping; carries Neue Mode patterns.

Those are the sources I use the most.


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