Burda Style

There have been some new patterns posted at BurdaStyle since I last visited. I grabbed the Emily blouse – basic button-front shirt, in 36-50, a larger range than BurdaStyle usually has. I’m also intrigued by the Laura dress, not just ’cause it’s named after me *grin*. I think it has the lines of a really cute retro-style summer dress. Though, I’m not sure why there’s a side zipper when the bodice has a functional front placket – couldn’t you just pull it over your head? The instructions are not so great, since they’ve obviously been directly translated from the German w/o editing. (Why am I complaining about instructions that are at least in my native language, sorta, when I’m trying to make stuff from Knip-XL, which only comes in *Dutch*?)

I love the idea of BurdaStyle, and I’ve assembled their print-at-home patterns and made something from them before. I just wish the site were easier to navigate, and on principle that they’d do a plus-size pattern or two. I know they’re trying to appeal to the young crowd, but some of them *are* plus-size.


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