We’ve now survived wedding season, so now I’m starting to think about the next events I may need to sew for.

1) Trip to visit family and go to a family reunion in TN in July (humidity ahoy!). I think I’m pretty well set with summer basics for this trip. But I would like to finish the black/white embroidered sundress that I started for the Timmel SWAP contest, so I can wear it for the reunion dinner.

2) London trip in September. I’ve already decided I’m going to go knit-heavy for this one, and limit my colors so that everything coordinates – I’m thinking black, white, teal as I already have a lot of pieces that would work. It would be great to do a wrap dress from the Gorgeous Things aqua/black chainlink jersey and include it, and I have a couple of knit pieces I’d like to make into tops for this trip too.

3) Sis-in-law’s wedding in Pittsburgh in October. I’m currently stuck on what to make for this wedding. I’d love to make up one of my vintage patterns, but most of them are along the day dress line and not really dressy enough for a church wedding, IMO. I’ve been perusing the pattern catalogs online and most semi-formal dresses are sleeveless. I could always do a dress/jacket combo, but so many of them look so dull. I think I’ll let this problem simmer for a while. Additionally, I’ll need some dressy pieces for dinners and such – I have an aqua tweed I want to make a skirt out of – and I should probably finish the winter coat I started last year so I can take it with me.


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