I’ve found myself frequently frustrated with my sewing projects recently. Not only because of the ‘there are only so many hours in the day’ problem, but because my mind is usually several steps ahead of my real skill level. I know about myself that I always like to be learning or creating something new or different, not just repeating the same thing over and over.

As a contrast, though, yesterday I pulled out a project from the UFO pile. This was a dress that I hadn’t messed with since last year – it was a wearable muslin for a Burda sundress pattern, and my first go at the underlining and HK finishing at once approach. Something must have gone wrong with the wrap-around underlining process, as it’s a couple inches too small around. In addition, the trim was added poorly, basting stitches show at the v-neckline, and the lining material is ravelling like crazy anywhere unfinished. The fabric is ugly – oh, and why did I line a linen with a cheap poly, so I can never get the iron hot enough to press the linen without melting the poly? Everything’s nominally done but the CB zipper and hem, but I can’t convince myself to do them. I’m certainly never going to wear it, and I don’t think that it’ll be in great demand at the Sally Ann either.

I guess the takehome from this is that even when I’m feeling frustrated about my skills not advancing fast enough, they’re still advancing a lot more than I may think. I wouldn’t do such a crappy job on anything nowadays, and it’s only been a few months since I made this piece.


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