At last

I think I’ve found a dress to make for my sis-in-law’s wedding in October. Here’s the vintage pattern from Lanetz Living:

It’s dressier than a button-front day dress, and it’ll be warm enough for fall in Pittsburgh, without me having to make a tailored jacket. Plus the topstitching has real possibilities.

I don’t even have the pattern yet, and already I’m thinking about fabrics. My first thought was lightweight wool. That’ll keep me on my toes, since I haven’t worked much with wool, but everyone says it’s easy to manage. A rayon crepe might be ok too, depending on the drape. I just got some nice tencel twill from FFC which will do quite well for a wearable muslin.

After my trip to visit family this week, I’m hoping to get out to Poppy Fabrics before all the nice fabrics are gone in their closing sale. Poppy had more trims in one place than I’ve ever seen in my life – I’ll miss it when it’s gone, even though I’ve only been there a few times.


2 thoughts on “At last

    • Re: I like that pattern!

      (love your userpic)
      Normally I’d make the wider skirt, but the straight skirt seems dressier, somehow. Hopefully once I make a few rounds of muslins I’ll have a better idea about what silhouette and fabric to use.

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