Irrational dislikes

Sometimes you just hate something, you know? And you can’t really articulate why, or if you try you sound like a dolt or someone with undiagnosed OCD. Be that as it may, I hate jumpers (American definition, not British. Who can argue with a cozy sweater?). On anyone over the age of 10, I think they look juvenile and weird. Why not just wear a dress with sleeves, or simply a top and skirt? It’s more layers that never stay where you put them and fussiness, plus you end up looking like my 4th grade teacher. And even if you are a 4th grade teacher, you don’t need to embrace small-town Midwestern 80s-ness, believe me. I will remain irritated that they are back in fashion until they are out of fashion again, which hopefully will be soon.

And while I’m venting, I hate amigurimi – you know, those little miniature crocheted crafted animals that the CRAFT blog is always featuring? They creep me out – they look like they’re going to sneak in my house at night and eat my face. Genuinely creepy stuff, e.g. Gorey drawings or The Death of Marat, I’m perfectly fine with, but the overly-saccharine cutesiness makes me deeply distrustful.

(Ok, enough exposure of my own psychological issues for one day.)

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