Here’s a better picture of the possible wedding dress, and the other vintage patterns I picked up. Isn’t that the most 70s coat you’ve ever seen?

It occurs to me that some of the silk/hemp at NearSea Naturals could work for the dress, as the hemp makes it have more weight than an ordinary silk. Wouldn’t the Topaz Silk/Hemp charmeuse be divine? Not sure I want to spend that much $, although that’s still cheaper than most RTW dresses. (That’s the thing with 50s-ish dresses – how often do you need to buy 4-5+ yards for *anything* these days?)

I also picked up this book at Borders today with my member reward money; it’s called Living Colors: The Definitive Guide to Color Palettes Through the Ages and not only talks about the pigments and palettes used in particular periods and by particular artists, it has a paint-chip-esque color card to go with each page. Many of the sections are on clothing designers or the influence of a particular textile tradition (the pages I photographed are on Liberty fabric prints of the late 19th century). Those formally trained in art may already know this kind of thing, but I thought it would be very useful for both clothing and quilts, in order to perfectly capture a feeling or period.


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