A miscellany

The Vogue/Butterick/McCalls website has always been cranky for me, and for the last couple weeks I couldn’t get in at all. The other day I tried with Safari rather than Firefox, my default browser, and lo and behold, it worked. (Don’t webmasters test on different platforms/browsers anymore?) FYI for you Mac and/or Firefox people.

Several of you out in blogland have been reminiscing about the oldest sewing projects you still have around, and showing pics. I haven’t kept anything from my middle-school sewing days – my mom might have something, but I doubt it. The piece I remember best was a button-front skirt made out of heavy polyester, black background with a red and green floral pattern. Mom helped with the buttonholes, but otherwise I made it, and it turned out quite well. I wasn’t really a skirt wearer at that age except for church, so I don’t think it got much use before it was too small. I did make a small quilt one year, I think it was intended for my dolls, and that’s probably in a box somewhere at my parents’.

My mom stopped making garments for us before I was old enough to really learn from her, so I didn’t do much garment sewing in high school, even though I was interested in fashion. IIRC, I came in second in voting in ‘best dressed’ in my high school, not because I was particularly pulled-together or traditionally fashionable, but because I dared to wear weird stuff. Ok, weird stuff in that place and time was anything but jeans and a flannel shirt. If we’d been at all aware of punk, or if there was a deconstructed DIY movement on like there is now, I would have been quite the thing. Fortunately, it was also pre-Columbine, so the all-black outfits didn’t get me expelled. (The only time I got sent to the vice-principal’s office in middle school was for wearing a hat, in an unspoken rebellion against the new no-hats policy. See, everyone knew they meant ball caps, in a misguided anti-gang fervor, but no one had tested the restrictions yet. My hat was a pastel purple sailor’s hat (!).)


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