The limitations of technology

My current digital camera has a few issues: first among them is the fact that you can no longer buy batteries for it, and the battery I have only holds a charge for about 5 minutes or so. So you have to take the battery off the charger, take the picture, and download it to the computer all within that window. It’s less than ideal, to understate things. It’s one of the reasons I don’t really take that many pictures, and only a few of my sewing; I had a very funny pile of fabrics today that I would have loved to have shot. I suddenly got inspired by the Newport News 10 pieces 10 ways feature to mess around with a fall SWAP grouping (this was really constructive procrastination from the work task I had to do) and ended up with a cutting table piled with overlapping fabrics.

So if I don’t have any of my own pictures to share, here are some from other people. Inspirations from the new Soft Surroundings catalog (NAYY, pictures are clickable links):

Love the collar and the closure.

I like the banded shirring at the collarbone.

Interesting oversized drawstring with a casing that gives a gathered effect.

Basic wrap shape but in a tunic length.

Generally not my style, but I like how the pintucks define the waist.

2 thoughts on “The limitations of technology

  1. inspiration …..

    oooh, thanks for posting pictures! I have some wool knits for Fall and I hope to sew something a little more interesting than plain cardigans.
    So sorry your camera is uncooperative!

    • Re: inspiration …..

      I really like the sweater and sweater-y things happening this fall, very cute.

      I really have no excuse, the boy has a camera I can borrow, I just haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

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