More purples

If you liked the NN 10 things 10 ways feature and were thinking of doing a fall wardrobe grouping in similar colors, the knit print just posted at Gorgeous Things would be a great fit:

I was at Joann’s yesterday and picked up some of their rayon knit, which was 30% off, in mauve and taupe, along with some violet shirting and a couple more yards of the clearance lavender knit that I got the other week. It’s all in the wash, but I’ll take pictures along with the rest of my tentative SWAP fabrics soon. I think I’ll go ahead and use the shirting to make up the vintage wrap housedress, but since I bought the rest of the bolt (4 3/4 yd, $2/yd), I should have some left for a blouse-sized project later.

I also went to Target yesterday – tried on a lovely princess-seamed shirtdress in stretch cotton, available in black or purple. I would have gotten one or both, but the upper arms and armscye were a tad too tight. I could have done a gusset, but I try to reserve pain-in-the-butt alterations for something that’s at least on sale, not full-price. It’s no wonder I rarely buy RTW dresses – the sleeves are too tight and often too short, and anything with a defined waist will have the waist a couple inches higher than my actual waist, and there’s almost always that fold of extra fabric at the mid-back. My mom and I even made my wedding dress a 2-piece

(Coming soon: a temporary return to black/white/teal, i.e. last minute additions to my travel wardrobe.)


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