News and notes

I’m back from my trip, and in the midst of the typical post-trip catchup. I’m caught up on blogs, forums and laundry, but not email, errands or sleep. Could be worse… I’ll try to put up a post on shopping for fabric in London in the next few days.

Some of the sewing-related news I noted:
Denver Fabrics has sold its internet store to new owners and all fabric is 30% off until sold. I hope that the new owners keep the site going, as it’s one of my favorite sources of fabric. (Most of the really good stuff seems to be gone already.)

Neue Mode patterns have announced they’re no longer making new patterns – if you had some of their patterns on the wishlist, grab them before they disappear. (Denver Fabrics sells them, actually.)

There’s a new CraftyPod podcast on Crafty Overload (timely, eh?) and two new podcasts at Sew Forth Now.

Shannon won the summer contest at Timmel Fabrics, and all the entrants made gorgeous pieces – check them out.

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