Simply yuck

I got to Kohl’s today and looked at the new Simply Vera line by Vera Wang. I was singularly unimpressed – everything looked very cheap and unappealing. The silhouettes of the garments were odd. There was a lot of the raw-edged and reversed seam look – even a skirt with the center back seam on the outside, including Hong Kong seams. I don’t think it’s that you can’t do simple lines with inexpensive fabrics or in bulk – almost anything from the store lines was nicer than the Simply Vera stuff.

On the other hand, I did get to the new JoAnn’s superstore nearby, and they had some very nice fabrics in their red tag section, which they had on an additional 50% discount. My local store’s clearance section is full of crap and so crowded it’s impossible to navigate, so that was a nice change. I got some fabrics from there and a ‘fall suiting’ herringbone for a jacket on 40% off – I think the total was 18 yards, for around $30 – a pretty good haul.

I hauled out all of my unused patterns the other day and tried to match them up with fabrics in my stash. Somehow I’ve gotten a mismatch – lots of bottomweights and casual knits, whereas my patterns are mostly for work-appropriate knits and topweight wovens. Hmmm, I sense a conflict here…


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