Fall cleaning

One never knows out here when it’s safe to put up the warm-weather clothes; I’ve been psyched out several times by the weather already this fall. But I went ahead and did the grand switch today. I’ve got some great stuff that I’ve forgotten about, which is always nice.

I finally took pics and listed a bunch of my extra patterns on the PR classifieds, and the other day I sold 3 unworn pairs of shoes on ebay. Then I went out and bought some new shoes and patterns. Isn’t that how it works? Oops! 😉

I braved Jo-Ann’s for the Simplicity & McCall’s 99c sale – accidentally got there later in the afternoon than I wanted, and there were moms and kids everywhere, planning Halloween costumes, two high school girls planning something involving lots of gold drapery cord, and a whole middle-school class apparently planning a quilt. My eardrums may never be the same. (Hancock’s has a sale on Vogue right now, too, but only through Wednesday – do I dare brave the hordes one more time?) Anyhoo, I got:
McCalls 5521 – there’s something about the peplum only on the sides that I love
McCalls 5522 – one of McCall’s B/C/D cup patterns, for the stash
McCalls 5471 – ditto
McCalls 5529 – I wear cardigans & unstructured jackets a lot, but most of my patterns are sized for knits, so I thought this one would be a good buy
Simplicity 4095 – another possibility for my SWAP knit wardrobe pattern
Simplicity 3867 – I’ve saved a picture of an Anthropologie top that is a lot like this top; hopefully I’ll remember to make it next spring

I also found two plaid boucles in the clearance section, half off the reduced price, that I couldn’t leave without:

Aren’t they ridiculously over the top? The teal needs to become a wear-to-the-Sharks-game jacket – I’m thinking McCalls 5529, actually. There was only 2 1/8 yd left of the green/pink plaid, so although it’d make a killer trench, a cape or short jacket is probably more likely.

I’ve also been working on my fabric storage system; I’ve been accruing more plastic drawers (Target only seems to put out 1 or 2 of the large size at a time) and soon will have everything neatly resorted and shelved. I’ll take pics – I took a before pic, so I’ll have to do an after.

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