Extreme Makeover: Fabric Stash Edition

I promised some before and after pictures of redoing my fabric storage area:

This is more like During than Before, as I’ve already started sorting in this picture (that’s what all the bags and piles are), but it’s very dramatic 🙂

Here’s the After: god bless plastic drawers, eh? I ended up dividing everything up by knit/woven and then colors – the bottom four drawers on the left are knits, in black/darks, blues and greens, pinks and purples, and white/cream/lights, and the bottom four drawers on the right are the same, but for wovens. The top left drawer is currently remnants, and the top right has my tentative SWAP fabrics. I wasn’t able to fit linings and muslin fabrics in these drawers; they’re over in the cabinets below my cutting surface, which is fine actually since I don’t need to browse them often.

Here’s the wide angle, showing my machine and cutting surface too.

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