Fabulous Fabric

Here are a couple of new additions to my stash. The good/bad thing about ordering fabric online, especially if you’re cheap like me and always opt for the “horse-drawn cart” shipping option, is that you’ve forgotten what you’ve ordered by the time you get it, so (hopefully) it’s like getting a great present you weren’t expecting.

This poly knit is from Fashion Fabrics Club – it’s an odd blue/green, less teal than I was expecting, but it goes with a RTW top I have, so I think I’ll make a skirt.

This knit stripe is from Hot Patterns’ ebay store – the picture doesn’t capture how truly wonderful this stuff is; the colors are gorgeous, the hand is silky and luscious and I just want to wrap it around me and roll around in it.

Also, I drove to the closest Hancock’s the other day to get some Vogues and Buttericks during their pattern sale. I got the following: Butterick 4521 (sewing accessories), Butterick 4665 (princess-seam coats), Butterick 4865 (short coats – I think view A will work for the green/pink boucle plaid I posted about the other day), Vogue 7910 (gored skirts, I love the pockets on C), Kwik Sew 3531 (jackets), and New Look 6729 and 6753 (knit top variations). But truly the find of the day is this fabric:

Isn’t it delightfully odd? I’ve never seen Abraham Lincoln-themed fabric in my life. I picked up a couple yards just out of principle. Then I had a last-minute brainstorm for the Local Pride aprons at Tie One On, but I decided that a day and a half to work on it wasn’t quite enough, what with everything else going on. Someday I’ll come up with just the right thing to do with this fabric – I’m sure of it. Oh, there’s a ‘Proclamation’ or a “four-score” joke in there somewhere.

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