Wardrobe Log: Week 1

I really enjoy reading What I Wore Today and My Wardrobe Today, and decided I’d try doing something similar. Bonus: I’ll get dressed earlier rather than staying in my PJs until noon (I work at home). For now I’m just going to post on this same blog, but only weekly and behind a cut tag so you can skip it if you’d like. (This is last week’s outfits, as I’ve been slow about getting the photos off the camera, resized and uploaded.)

This was my first official week of outfits and picture taking, and my pictures got a bit better than my trials last week, although the holding the camera thing is still awkward. I haven’t made time to learn my husband’s new camera yet, but I bet it has better timer options so I won’t have to look so dorky. And a battery that lasts longer than five minutes (I wish I were exaggerating).

This week was also the start of National Novel Writing Month, so if there’s a crazed look in my eyes that might be why. Just wait until the last week of the month!


Navy striped dress, Torrid; brown wrap sweater, Boden; shoes, Unlisted. I went to hear Simon Schama’s talk at Stanford, so I was going for a thoughtful academic look. I got the dress for super-cheap from Torrid because there was a cigarette burn hole down near the hem, which I’ve patched. I’m thinking now that I need to take the whole thing in somewhat, and get a belt that would work with it – right now it’s too high-class hotel maid, very drab, without the sweater or something with it.


Gray v-neck top, Caslon; gray long cardigan, B & Lu; jeans, Caslon.


Black Halloween tee, Old Navy (closeup of glow-in-the dark dancing skeletons); jeans, Maurice’s; sneaks, Vans.


Green top, Jones Sport; jeans, Caslon; sneakers, KangaRoos; belt, free with some shorts a while ago.


Had tickets to the Sharks game, thus the teal. Jeans, Maurice’s; white top, Lands’ End; Teal top, Chico’s; boots, Skechers. These boots are at least 10 years old; I remember buying them in college, when buying things online was new and exotic. 🙂


Aqua sweater, Harold’s; brown cords, Ann Taylor; boots, Mudd.


Brown and purple knit top, Mossimo; jeans, LL Bean; sneaks, Asics.

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