I was down by the larger mall today, so I stopped by, to use some of my panoply of coupons and gift cards. Wonder of wonders, I actually found some pants that fit – cargos from Lane Bryant, and ‘Willow’ trouser cut from Coldwater Creek. I tried on the new LB ‘right fit’ jeans, and the Blue type fit pretty well, although I could have done with a lower rise (and a length somewhere between Average and Tall). If Ann Taylor Loft had had 18 curvy bootcut jeans in stock, rather than 16 being the largest size in the store, I would have had a pant-buying hat trick (and the world likely would have ended, so it’s just as well).

Holiday trends appear to be velvet, satin, and bright and jewel colors – lots of reds and pinks, dark teals and dark greens. I saw some lovely wool jersey dresses at Banana Republic in gray and jewel tones; a fabric I haven’t seen much of in RTW until recently.

If you’re on the bigger side, or know someone who is, you will probably enjoy reading the blog The Pretty Pear, about plus-size clothing and shopping, which I discovered today.


2 thoughts on “Mall-ing

  1. The Pretty Pear is really great! I’m not plus size (I am on the upper range of “regular” though.) I like her post about using skinny models! I can relate so much more the the models on the b&Lu webpage than those on other sites with size 4 models

    Another blogger who writes about plus size fashion (and crafting and her dog and punk rock!) is Amber at

    • I like reading myaimistrue, too. Amber’s got a great eye for things.

      There’s something about someone near your own size that makes you more able to relate to how the clothes will look on you. I wish that catalogs and advertising showed a broader range of sizes and shapes generally.

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