Wardrobe Log: Week 3


Olive shirt, Venezia; black jeans, Coldwater Creek; brown loafers, Me Too. I think that this shirt is one of the oldest things in my closet; it’s made out of some cotton/poly/lycra blend that’s indestructable, and I’ve already replaced the buttons once.


White tank, Old Navy; black print wrap top, AK Anne Klein; black moleskin skirt, Coldwater Creek; shoes. Since I’ve been working on fitting my sewing projects, I’ve become more critical about my RTW pieces (which is somewhat frustrating because I’m nowhere near being able to replace them with enough sewn projects for a wardrobe). The wrap top is a good shape, but the shoulders are too wide, and the sleeves untucked are a bad length on me; there needs to be more width at the high hip and there’s a bit of a swayback thing happening at the back. The skirt has an uneven hem; the back is higher than the front.


Aqua shirt, Avenue; new gray pants, Venezia; sneaks, Kangaroos. I think I’m violating the “don’t wear baggy with baggy” rule here, but it was surprisingly hard to find a non-white shirt to go with these taupey-gray pants.


Black/white striped top, Avenue; jeans, Maurice’s; sneaks, Asics.


White top, Lands’ End; new pink sweater, Venezia; jeans, Maurice’s; shoes, White Mountain. I’m really loving this sweater; it’s a light but warm rayon knit, and I got it on sale.


Tweed trousers, Coldwater Creek; teal sleeveless sweater, Chico’s; black velvet-trimmed wrap top, Boden; shoes, White Mountain.


White top, Sonoma Clothing Co.; pink sweater, Venezia; jeans, Maurice’s; shoes, Report. Second verse, same as the first. 🙂


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