Buy Nothing day

The consumer organization Adbusters sponsors Buy Nothing Day on the Friday after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday, a term I hate), and I have participated for the last few years.

I love a great deal as much as the next person, but I think we tend to obsess over shopping a bit too much in this culture, rather than focusing on the activities and relationships that would make us truly happy. According to our local TV, Kohl’s will be opening at 4am, while Walmart (we don’t have many around here, actually) will be opening at 5am. Now that’s just crazy.

When I stopped by JoAnn’s the other day for a twin needle for the knit top I’m working on, they were clearly gearing up for the onslaught – moving fabrics around and setting up this huge fleece display (?) near the cutting table. McCall’s and Vogue will be on sale Friday-Sunday, and I might stop by on Sunday hoping that the madness will be mostly gone, as I have a couple patterns I want. But otherwise I’ll be at home and enjoying myself with friends.

In any case, there already seem to be a lot of deals out there with online sites and catalog companies – free shipping, percents off, etc. Everyone seems to be nervous about this year being a slow holiday season retail-wise, but as far as I can tell everyone’s buying just like normal.

Ok, better get back to peeling potatoes. 🙂


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