Wardrobe Log: Week 4

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this week had a good holiday, and the rest of you had a good week.


Blue sweater, Ann Taylor Loft; black tee, LL Bean; skirt, Style & Co.; shoes; Unlisted. This sweater is warm and snuggly, but I wish I could shorten the sleeves (or lengthen them, but that would be quite a trick) and make the empire seam less maternity-looking. I’m not sure how to alter sweaters without them looking like crap afterwards, though.


A tale of two outfits. Outfit one is my ‘working at home on the computer all day after a late night’ togs, and outfit two is “oh, crap, I should go run some errands because the stores will be crazy tomorrow and I look like a schlump’. 🙂 Marvin the Martian t-shirt, Disney; jeans, Caslon; sneaks, Asics / Black turtleneck, Chico’s; jeans, Caslon; boots, Aerosoles.


Chopping, mixing, baking, cooking…
T-shirt, Life is Good; jeans, Caslon; sneaks, Asics


Pink shirt, Lane Bryant; jeans, Maurice’s ; boots, Mudd. This pic doesn’t show the apron I started the day with 🙂


Aqua top, Merona; charcoal cardigan, Venezia; jeans, Maurice’s, slippers, LL Bean.


Striped shirt, Chico’s; jeans, Maurice’s; oxfords, White Mountain.


Violet v-neck top, Venezia; linen long cardigan, Janeville; jeans, Caslon. (I forget what shoes I wore later… I think my Onitsuka Tiger sneaks.)


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