I am really not enjoying the spring fashion styles starting to come out. I found little to like in the newest Lucky, and next month’s Burda WOF is just icky imo. I’m tired of the volume on top, skinny jeans on bottom look, as it doesn’t work on anyone short, curvy, busty, or any other adjective that includes three-quarters of women. I don’t like the colors much either – glad that I stocked up on things while the colors suited me.

In cheerier news, here’s the table-topper my Mom made and sent me. Isn’t it cute? She helped me do a quilted tree skirt a couple years ago, and some of the remnants are used in this little quilt.

When we were in Seattle I was able to stop by one of the locations of Pacific Fabrics. It was mostly quilt cottons and home dec, but with a small but nice fashion fabric section. I picked up a couple of knits (and left a gray/black sweater knit there I’m still thinking about, but I couldn’t think of how I would actually use it). It was a nice store; it’s always nice to see the independents doing well.

This one was described as a ‘batik knit;’ it’s a very nice rayon/lycra.

This is cotton/lycra. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the light stripes are lilac, and match perfectly some lilac knit in my stash.


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