The road not taken

I was all set to sign up for the Stitch-n-Flip jacket class at Pattern Review, but by the start date I hadn’t finished my fit muslins, so I decided to leave that for a later project. Instead I’ve been working on finishing up some knit tops whose bindings have been giving me some grief. I do hope to get back to the vest muslin I cut out, since I have some lovely embroidered rayon velvet that would be a perfect holiday piece. I don’t have any holiday parties to go to, though, so I guess I’m not in a rush!

I’m almost finished – all but hems – with a tunic top out of sweater knit from an OOP Burda envelope pattern. Oh, Burda, how do I love thee – the drafting’s always great, there’s multiple lengthen/shorten lines, and I never have to lengthen through the armhole (Burda keeps on saying they’re drafted for 5’6″ figures, but my and others experience suggests otherwise). I’m tempted to change my PR sig to “life’s too short to sew with crappy patterns.” Wonder how that’d go over.

I gave this blog URL to a RL friend (hi Carolyn!) who’s started sewing – I’m jealous of her cute pink John Deere PJ pants. And I overheard the ladies in the Husqvarna/Viking corner of the local Joann’s talking about a recent sewing class that had 20+ high school kids signed up. We’re in the vanguard of the hot new thing (old is the new new?).


One thought on “The road not taken

  1. I’m wearing the PJ pants RIGHT THIS MINUTE. They were seriously easy, too. I screwed up the waistband a little since it was my first time sewing with elastic, but I don’t think it’s really noticeable.

    It’s See & Sew pattern #B4322 — I also made the shirt from the same pattern package tonight, but it didn’t turn out as well as the pants.

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