Quickie revamp (in time spent, not time elapsed!)

This fall I was at the thrift store, and among others picked up this shirtdress.

It was a nice poly/rayon, in good shape, and spot on the gray/menswear trend that’s around right now. It was a bit dowdy as it was, but I thought it had potential. The brand name is Berg-Ray. Anybody know anything about it?

Once I got it home I washed it, and took a look. The previous owner had taken in the waist with these interesting dart/inverted pleat hybrids, which I left, and had pegged the skirt, which I took out (fortunately she’d just left the sa’s, not trimmed them). I also removed the faux pocket flaps, replaced the missing buttons from some on the sleeves, and cut off the sleeves to make a jumper. I waffled a bit with how to finish the armholes, but in the end I bound the raw edges with seam binding, then turned them under and secured with Steam-A-Seam 2 (I was afraid topstitching would look odd against the pinstripes).

I haven’t worn it yet, as I seem to have destroyed all my appropriately-colored tights, but I think it will work great with a white blouse or sweater underneath, tights, and boots.

I have several posts I want to make before the end of the year – some finished items, and my sewing goals for 08 – but for now I must dash. If you’re still in the holiday mood, or want a palate cleanser after endless repeitions of Jingle Bells, NPR has a great performance of Handel’s Messiah by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra and Philadelphia Singers Chorale available online.


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