Wouldn’t that be nice?

Title of a recently received spam email: “Do not pay for annoying repairs,” as if their annoying-ness automatically makes them free. Wouldn’t that be nice?

On a more sewing-related note, there are tons of sales going on during this end-of-the-year period. Dover Books is having a big sale, which includes a lot of historical costume and fashion books. Gorgeous Fabrics’ Christmas sale has been extended, Textile Studio is having its big year-end sale, and Wazoodle’s big yard sale starts tomorrow. (Y’all have all these links already, yes? If not, they’re all unique enough to Google quickly.)

I was down by the nearest Hancock Fabrics, and stopped in on a whim. Turns out they had almost all the fabric on half-off or more sale. I picked up some cottons – for quilt group swaps and an apron – a piece of printed rayon for a dress this summer, and a knit remnant that should work in my black/white SWAP. Speaking of which, I need to get going on that soon, as the ‘official’ start is Jan 1.

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