Wardrobe Log: Weeks 8 & 9

I’ve found this period of taking pictures of what I wear very instructive. First of all, it forces me to take a minute and take a look at myself in the full-length mirror. 🙂 You can learn a lot about what suits you, what you like and what you actually wear by photographing yourself – even if you don’t show it to anyone else.

I thought of writing up the details of what I’d learned from doing this, but then Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen made a great post that summarized most of my thoughts. If you’re looking to tweak or overhaul your look in the new year, it’s worth a read.

I’m going to take a break from posting these, especially since I’m increasingly unsatisified with the results from my busted old camera.


Gray tee, Ann Taylor Loft; brown sweater, Cherokee; green cords, L.L.Bean; shoes, Lands’ End. Earth-tone extravaganza.


Gray pants, Venezia; bluegreen v-neck tee, Ann Taylor Loft; cream cardigan sweater, Charter Club; shoes, KangaRoos.


White tee, Sonoma Clothing Co.; pink cardigan, Venezia; jeans, Maurice’s.


Aqua tee, Sonoma Clothing Co.; gray sweater, Ann Taylor Loft; jeans, Maurice’s. I like these colors together; I was putting up laundry the other day when these two things jumped out and said “wear me together.”


Black surplice-top dress, Mossimo; lavender wrap sweater, Boden; shoes, Mudd.


Olive button-front shirt, Venezia; jeans, Caslon; tan sweater coat, Janeville.


White tee, Land’s End; pink cardigan, Venezia; jeans, Caslon.

Week 9

No pics, Monday-Wednesday. Picture-free Xmas. 😉


Black pants, Coldwater Creek; aqua sweater, Harold’s; salt and pepper jacket, Norton McNaughton, Book of Kells scarf, gift from Ireland from my parents; black shoes, Unlisted.


Tan sweater, Chico’s; striped scarf, someone at Target; jeans, Maurice’s; boots, Mudd.


Dark gray cotton pants, Venezia; white tee, Lands’ End; argyle sweater, apt. 9; (new $8!) shoes, Mudd. I’m not sure about the white shoes w/ the dark pants, but I wanted to wear my new bargain.


Brown cords, Ann Taylor; pink blouse, Faconnable; white sweater, Caslon (boots, Mudd).


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