Cranky and uncrafty

Just call me Ms. Crankypants recently. My parents have been visiting, which is lovely, but I’ve been spending all my time running around with them and having no time to myself to chill or sew or anything. My mom (she’s a quilter, and used-to-be garment sewer) was quite impressed with my new machine (it’s a Kenmore 19110, by the way). I had forgotten that her machine is also a Kenmore, about the same age as I am, in a lovely 70s mustard color. Solid as a rock, though. Hopefully I’ll get it in the will 😉 .

I did manage to run up a couple of quick drawstring bags today. I used Christmas fabric, and put my brother and sis-in-law’s presents in them, so my parents could take the presents back home nicely wrapped but still accessible by the TSA, who tend to open wrapped gifts in luggage with, shall we say, a lack of care. I was really pleased at how the new SM acted; the straight stitch is very straight, the needle position change thingie is so handy, and I can already tell I love with the auto-down needle feature.

Their flight leaves tomorrow midday, so hopefully in the next couple days I can catch up with work, chores, and then some sewing (assuming these sniffles don’t turn into a full-on cold).


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