Cranky part deux

You know what else makes me cranky? Newbies who post on sewing fora with totally inane questions that they could answer themselves with 5 minutes either at a web browser or in a public library. We were all beginners once, and I am glad when I and other people can be helpful. Believe you me, I’ve learned tons of sewing info from folks online and I’m sure there’s tons more to learn. That said, it’s rude to expect other people to spoonfeed you pre-regurgitated info tidbits all the time, without you making any effort to learn things or do research at all. It’s the hobby equivalent of expecting the librarian to do your paper research for you.

I am rather turned off Pattern Review right now, and that’s one of the reasons. It seems like all the people who got their first sewing machine for Christmas are posting, and unfortunately many of them are posting things like “what does grain mean” without even bothering to put “fabric grain” into Google or find a basic sewing reference book to check. Asking for help and clarification is great; spending 10 seconds writing an unspecific question and expecting people to spend 10 times as long on writing a nuanced, well-constructed answer is rude.

And that is my rant for the evening…er, morning. The parents are safely home, and if I could only get caught up on everything and get to bed at some point, life would be lovely.


3 thoughts on “Cranky part deux

  1. I gave up on Patternreview when Pyrose deleted my link to the fatsew group at flickr. I’m still mad. I will still use PR, but I’m not going to contribute to the content anymore.


    • Yeah, I’m not thrilled with the way the PR West Coast weekend has been organized, and it seems like every few months some irritating thing like that or your fatsew debacle comes up. I hate to desert such a useful group, and there are lots of great people there, but I think the administration has problems.

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