Jackets and a Recipe

Tuesday when I dropped my parents off at the airport, I was able to stop by the Hancock’s in the South Bay. They had most of their quilting cottons on 1/2 off sale and all the Christmas fabric on 70% off, so I picked up some of both. And I got Vogue 7976, which I think I’ll use for my SWAP jacket, using a white with black plaid acrylic suiting. (I guess that’s my one pattern purchase for the month – but there are some new releases I’m very tempted to get in each upcoming sale at Joann’s. Would it be wrong to increase my pattern allowance for the year, already?)

Are y’all interested in recipes? During the parental visit, I made a typical holiday-type meal, with turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, etc. I had bought a turkey breast (bone-in) as we didn’t need a whole turkey. This was my first time cooking one, and it turned out wonderfully. It’s a lot less fiddly than a whole turkey, and great if you’re feeding a smaller group, for occasions or an ordinary dinner. I adapted a recipe I found on Allrecipes to come up with this.

Rinse 4-6 lb bone-in turkey breast and place in baking pan, breast up. Spray top with cooking spray. Quarter one medium onion and place underneath the turkey in the breast cavity with a couple of bay leaves (the original recipe also included celery, which I omitted because I hate it). Combine: 1 T lemon-pepper spice, 1 T parsley, 2 t garlic powder, 1 t paprika; and rub over turkey. Cook in 325F oven 2-3 hours, or until cooked through, basting every 30 minutes (I used more cooking spray the first basting round, and then had enough drippings to use to baste for the rest of the cooking time). Take out of the oven and let rest for a bit before carving. The drippings can be used to make gravy with a great flavor.


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