Fashion Fabric Vendor List

A new-ish member on PR asked me for my recommendations on where to buy garment fabric online, as she was a new garment sewer but had been quilting for a while and knew where to find great quilt fabric. There is a thread on PR on this subject, but it’s a bit unwieldy (and sometimes out of date). I started making a list and it grew and grew. So I decided to write it up and share it with everyone. This is my personal and incomplete list, and I’d appreciate any comments or additions. (Entries with a * are ones I haven’t ordered from yet, or have ordered just swatches from.) I haven’t made live links for these, as I figured posting it was better than putting off coding the darn thing for months, but everything is usually or easily google-able. – good prices, good basics. Color range is often limited. Also sells some notions, and quilting cottons. Great service.
Denver Fabrics – now owned by Fashion Fabrics Club, carries the same stuff
Fashion Fabrics Club – wide variety of things, low prices; descriptions are not elaborate and quality can vary. You can’t officially get swatches but you can order 1/8 yd cuts, which I recommend first to check that you’re getting what you think you’re getting.
Fabric Mart – good prices, mostly designer offcuts so selection can vary, and popular items sell out fast.
Trim Fabric* – sells a lot of bulk lots, so you can get a deal if you want to wade through their site
Silk Baron* – I’ve heard good things about them.
Thai Silks* – even though I’m down the road from them, I’ve never bought; they have great prices, prints I’ve never seen on silk anywhere else, and a bunch of PFD (prepared for dyeing) stuff
Dharma Trading Co. – sells clothing blanks and dyes
Create for Less – general craft stuff; great prices on needles, rotary blades, STP, etc., and they offer free shipping for orders over $100
EmmaOneSock – unique stuff hard to find elsewhere; good service. Higher prices but good quality. Popular stuff can sell out very very very (very) fast.
Gorgeous Fabrics – known for great knit prints, but has lots of other stuff too, reasonable prices
ReproDepot* – specializes in various weight cottons in modern and retro prints
Textile Studio – great natural fiber choices, reasonable prices, good service.
Candlelight Valley* – lots of suiting, silks and up-market shirting
Sawyer Brook* – unusual pieces, suiting and workwear
Fashionista Fabrics* – small selection but decent prices, good service
Timmel Fabrics – well-edited small selection, no online ordering
Vogue Fabrics* – hard to navigate website, swatching subscription is supposed to be great
Michael’s Fabrics* – lots of Zegna and other designer wools, cottons etc., does bundles; no online ordering
Apple Annie’s* – carries TextureWeft; a few well-edited collections per season. no online ordering
Lucy’s Fabrics – lots of fashion and workout/swim knits, sells endcuts on ebay
Fabrications* – interesting variety of casual and workwear, carries siltex knits


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