Dutch Treat

I’ve become a big fan of the Dutch pattern company Knipmode, who publishes pattern magazines much like Burda does. They’ve got a regular monthly pattern mag, a seasonal plus-sizes mag (called Knip XL), a kids mag, and some other specialized issues. Unlike Burda, it’s not translated into any other languages – it’s all in Dutch. Both Melissa and Cidell have posted about Knipmode recently, too.

I find the styles in Knipmode really similar to my own: interesting, but not fussy, classic but not too dressy. (Burda WOF has some beautiful stuff, but how often do I go to cocktail parties or wear suits?) Right now I’m working on a pair of knit pants from the most recent plus issue, and so far the fit is looking great. (Of course, the downside is that I don’t really know Dutch yet, and as far as I can tell it’s like German that then had lots of the fun drugs and threw vowels in everywhere. But I’m making fair headway on the translations, and if all else fails I can pretend it’s a Marfy and doesn’t have directions.)

Given this interest in Knipmode, I thought it would be a great idea to have an email group, like Ottobre and Burda both have, to discuss the magazine and the patterns. So I’ve created the knipmode_english group on Yahoo Groups. If you’re interested in Knipmode, I would love for you to join and participate. I’m hoping that among the usual things, members can help each other with translation questions (and perhaps we can lure some Dutch speakers in to help us too).


4 thoughts on “Dutch Treat

  1. Thanks for starting the group. I’m taking mine to a Dutch friend for some translating help. I’ll post the direction on the Yahoo group when we’re done. Maybe someone else can use them.

  2. Hi, I’m a German living in the Netherlands for some years now, and discovered the Knipmode here. I think burda is looking too much Paris, but Knipmode designers are looking at the women in their country! Very wearable. I think also that Dutch women are dressed more colorful compared to Germans, also when they get older. It’s not that difficult to sew from instructions in a different language, I even use danish patterns (onion), with some background it’s ok, plus a list with sewing terms. Most problematic are the “small” words: does this mean “under” oder “between”?
    Only a pity that the Knipmode website is not so good, and the forum is quite inactive.

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