More on Knipmode

The ‘regular’ monthly issues of Knipmode are in approximately in the same sizes as Burda WOF – ~34-46 European with some plus sizes, depending on the issue. The Knip XL is plus sizes, ~46-54. Cidell’s post on Patrones, Knipmode and Burda has some more info. I don’t know the kids’ issues’ sizes.

Knipmode is not, as far as I’m aware, available in North America anywhere. There is a German ebay seller who lists issues fairly often. But the best source I’ve found is the Dutch pattern webstore Naaipatronen. They seem to have all the issues when they come out, and the shipping (to the US, anyway) is faster and less expensive. The site is all in Dutch, but you can contact them via the contact form, or email to info at The contact person writes great English, and will let you know the cost of shipping if you tell her what you’re interested in and where it’s going.

Unfortunately, the only place that I know of that has pics of the issues is the official Knipmode site, and the pictures are only in some weird Flash-like format. Apparently, they have asked online sellers/stores to take down any pics of the magazine, because of copyright restriction. I would think that they’d be happy that someone was selling more copies of their magazine for them, but…

BTW, here’s a picture of the pants I’m working on. You can’t see much from the photo, as the model’s wearing a dress over the pants, but the line drawing (bottom right) shows a bit more. They’re knit pants with an elastic waistband with a flat bit at the front. I figured I should start with something I could manage without having perfect instructions. 😉


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