Books and Basting

I recently snagged a copy of the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing on Bookmooch; this one is as old as I am (1976 copyright).

I think it may answer every question you might ever have about sewing, ever. I’m glad to have a copy (and having it be almost free doesn’t hurt). The only differences between it and more recent editions, as far as I can tell, are the astonishingly long list of synthetic fibers and fabrics in the fabric info section, and the 70s-rific home dec projects in the back.

(Thanks, Sandy in Coquitlam!)

Someone on Stitcher’s Guild recently linked to a series of videos on YouTube by quilter Sharon Schamber. In them, she demonstrates her method for binding a quilt. Her method looks helpful and precise, so I’ll have to try it sometime – I’ve only ‘birthed’ a quilt, not sewn a separate binding, so far.

For the non-quilters, the interesting take-away is that she uses washable Elmer’s glue to baste the binding and quilt together, strengthening the glue bond by heatsetting with an iron. I wonder how this would work for basting garment pieces? I’ve used a washable glue stick for basting before, with mixed results; it holds well, but it’s fiddly to apply and I always end up with glue all over my fingers and basting surface, and lint all over my glue stick. It seems like the liquid glue could be easier to apply accurately with less mess (as long as you avoided getting glue on the bottom of your iron!).


2 thoughts on “Books and Basting

  1. Love that book

    This is the exact same edition that I learned to sew out of. It’s a great book. Even Tany in Portugal has the Portuguese version that she still refers to. I loaned my edition to a friend (who now claims I never gave it to her). Grrrr. — Cidell

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