A Vest and a Fest(ival)

My friend Carolyn and I went to the local “creative festival” today. We had entirely too much fun with the oversized tweezers and hemostats at the scissor lady’s, and were appropriately creeped out by the spooky dolls (sorry, dollmakers, these were creepy). I didn’t do too much damage – only ~4 1/2 yard cuts of quilt fabric, a quilt pattern book, and some discounted Gutermann.

Here’s what I finished last night, and wore today: a black princess-seam sweater vest, with white decorative stitching on the seams.

This was a total fall-into-place project; I had seen a similar vest at Nordstrom recently and liked it. I was working on a fitting muslin of New Look 6514, and it occurred to me that this pattern could be adapted to this project. If I cut the front on the fold, and got rid of a bit of the ease, I could make it out of the leftover sweater knit from my Burda drape-neck sweater. That part was easy – the tricky part was getting the decorative stitching to come out well. Even after doing some samples, I ended up ripping out a lot of white thread before getting the machine to feed everything evenly. I ended up using a “cross stitch” decorative stitch, with two threads in the top and one in the bobbin, to get a chunky handmade look. I’m still trying to figure out the new camera, so I don’t have a great closeup shot of the stitching yet, sorry. There’s a full review on PR if you’re interested.

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