Fashion TV

Looking for something fashion-y to watch while waiting for the Project Runway finale?

The first season Project Runway Canada ended late last year. I think host Iman is the best host of any of the PR versions, and the designers are quite good too. Last time I checked, all the episodes were available on YouTube. The British version, Project Catwalk, is in the midst of its third season, and the episodes are also available on YouTube. Home-sewer Viv is doing quite well, so far. I’m behind a couple episodes, so I’ll have them on in the background while working this week.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there was a recent French documentary on the making of a Chanel couture collection, which is well worth watching. The ladies who create these (totally hand-made) pieces are amazingly talented. And watching the 70-something weaver who makes all of Chanel’s braided trim is just jaw-dropping. It’s called Signe Chanel and available on YouTube.

The director of the Signe Chanel series has also done a piece on Marc Jacobs and the house of Vuitton, which is showing on the Sundance Channel this month. I’ve got my Tivo scheduled to tape it.

And finally, the BBC has been airing a series about the tailoring firms of Savile Row, according to English Cut. Unfortunately, the BBC’s media player won’t run if you’re outside the UK, and I haven’t found the series on YouTube yet. Hopefully it will become viewable here somehow.


One thought on “Fashion TV

  1. I love the breathless “karl, karl, karl” at the beginning of the Signe Chanel piece.

    I loved Project Runway Canada. Iman started out shaky, but I think she cared a lot more about the designers than Heidi Klum does.

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