A brief thought/Happy Leap Day

I haven’t been sewing this week; we decided to do some in-house moving before my husband started his new job. We have two bedrooms in our place, and had had our bedroom in the big one, with my office in the smaller one. We decided to move our bedroom to the small bedroom, and use the bigger room for an office for both of us. While we were at it, we got new bedroom furniture, a desk for DH, and went through our closets and bookshelves getting rid of stuff we didn’t need/want anymore.

During all of this, I found that I was much better at visualizing layouts and eyeballing placements than I was a few years ago. Several times I was able to guesstimate measurements and have them come out right. Like many women, I was not innately good at visualizing in 3D when I was younger, but I think sewing has helped a lot with this – especially fitting, with the adjustment of a 2D pattern and seeing how it manifests in a 3D garment. Another reason to be glad you sew.

Now to finish cleaning up the house, and get back to some sewing!


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