Jan/Feb Stash Report

I forgot to post one of these for January, but I have been keeping track of my yards in and out, as I planned to do in my New Year’s Resolutions. (I’ve just been counting my garment fabric yards, as I couldn’t figure out a way to track quilting cotton in any kind of sane way, since I do a lot of scrappy stuff.) At the end of yesterday, I was at 7 1/2 yds more in than out. Not too bad; that includes 11 yards I sold on PR that I decided I just wasn’t going to wear. It doesn’t include, I am just now thinking, the fabrics I’ve put in a bag for the next BABES meeting, which might get me down closer to zero.

I’ve got several projects ready to cut out, which will help with the total too. Unfortunately, I’m eyeing several fabrics at Gorgeous Fabrics and fabric.com right now. I think that I’m getting better at realizing what I’ll really make up and wear, and not just grabbing “ooh, pretty” stuff. But I’m still not any faster than I have been; I have way more ideas and plans for pieces than I actually ever finish. Maybe I need to do an efficiency study on myself. Or just spend less time online and more time sewing, shocker.


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