Back in black

Finally, some FOs (finished objects)! I’ve had several things cut out, ready to cut out, etc., and finally got some done. The two reviews are below; I’ll probably include them both in my SWAP. I’ve also got a Textile Studio Santa Monica tee done all but the hems – I need to get a better-matching thread before I do the topstitching – and a Jalie sweetheart tee started.

New Look 6730 view A skirt, black crinkle cotton gauze

Pattern description:

New Look 6730 (OOP), misses’ knit skirts, pants, v-neck top, in S-XL. I made view A, the straight skirt.

Fabric used:
Black cotton crinkle gauze. This was a clearance bolt-end from Joann’s, and I didn’t have much, especially after it shrunk up when I prewashed it. About the only thing that would fit was a straight skirt, and this was the only one I had in my pattern stash. The gauze is a woven, not a knit, but it had enough built-in stretch from the crinkling to work ok.

Size used, and any fitting changes or alterations:
I cut an XL, and made the skirt shorter (due to the fact I had no more fabric!). I cut the back on the fold and left out the back vent. I slanted the waist (down at center front, up at center back) when cutting, but still had to even out the bottom a bit before hemming.

Construction details:
I used a sharp needle and Gutermann poly thread; the seams and hems were sewn with a narrow zigzag.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
This was super-simple and I didn’t even really read the directions. It’s a nice basic that’s very adaptable.

This pattern is OOP, but if you happen to see it for sale and are looking for some TNTs, it’s worth grabbing. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s supposedly for knits but there’s more ease than you would expect for a knit pattern (also due to the pattern’s age, I’m guessing). But everything seems well-drafted, and I think it would all work well for either knits or wovens (especially if you kept the zipper in the top). I want to try some of the other views and see how well they fit.

I really like how the finished product turned out, and I think it’ll be a great piece to wear this summer when it’s hot out.

Butterick 5190 view A, cardigan, black cotton lace

Pattern description:
Butterick 5190: Knit wardrobe pattern, misses’/women’s sizes, with pants, skirt, sleeveless dress and top, and cardigan/jacket. I made view A, the jacket.

Fabric used:
Black cotton lace, from Denver Fabrics’ closing sale (RIP), before they were reanimated as zombie FFC. I only had a yard and a half of this, so I’ve been looking for a cardigan-type pattern that would work with this small amount of fabric. When I saw this new Butterick pattern I thought it would be perfect.

Size used, and any fitting changes or alterations:
Although this whole pattern is designed for knits, the jacket can actually work for either knits or wovens, as there’s 5 1/2″ inches of ease at the bust, and plenty of ease everywhere. I cut an 18, with a an inch or so of widening on each side seam at the hip.

Construction details:
Poly Gutermann, universal needle, straight stitch.

Quality of the drafting and instructions:
No problems. The instructions are good for someone who’s unfamiliar with sewing knits.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
This is a super-simple pattern, and easy to sew; it would be very adaptable to different fabrics. It’s nice that you can sew the sleeves in flat, and there’s no easing.


I definitely want to try the other views of this pattern – a quick glance at the pants and skirt shows they look well-drafted (no unisex straight-across waistline).


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