Well, now that’s odd

I ordered some fabric and swatches from fabric.com the other day, and when they arrived I decided I didn’t like one of the lengths I got (black poly knit crepe, it’s ok but won’t work for the purpose I had in mind). I emailed them to ask about return procedure (they have a free returns policy, although I’d never used it before), and just got an email back that said they’d refund my money, I could keep the fabric or donate it to charity or whatever. I’m guessing that the return shipping would have been more than their wholesale cost of the fabric, so it wasn’t worth it to them to get it back-?? I feel kinda odd about using the fabric now, as if I’m getting away with something, although I was perfectly willing to return it if they wanted it. I guess I’ll use it for muslins, since I don’t know a charity that would have a particular use for it, and it’s not appropriate for quilts or kids’ clothes.

It seems like they’d be open to fraud with this policy, but if it only applies to certain fabrics and you don’t know which, it would be a bit of a crapshoot trying to take advantage of them. As for me, I’ll continue to be a happy, if somewhat bewildered, customer.

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