Springing forth

Once again, another month’s fashion spreads in Lucky and Glamour have left me unimpressed. Is this a sign of my encroaching oldness? (My birthday’s on Wednesday.) I like what’s out there in stores and catalogs, at least a portion of it, but the fashion designers’ stuff makes no impression on me. I have this recurring fantasy where I’m a custom dressmaker, and dress only in 50s retro dresses. At least then I’d be making a coherent style statement. Right now I feel like I look like every other Bay Area stay-at-home mom, and I’m not even a mom! My last office job was at a university, and at the time the office was all women except the director. We tended to dress quite nicely, in a softly tailored, low key West Coast way (if you’ve ever been to Palo Alto or Los Gatos, you know what I mean). I miss having people around who appreciate a nice new pair of shoes or a cute new skirt.

The one useful thing I did find in this month’s Lucky, in the back, was a mention of the brand Tulle. They’ve got some cute stuff, very wearable. And online at least the prices are reasonable (they’re also sold in boutiques, it appears). Unfortunately most of their XLs are sized along the same line as Anthropologie’s; i.e. a size 10 or 12 is an XL. I quite like the angled bottom of this wrap sweater, and hope to steal it at some point in the future.


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