An acquaintance just gave me a box full of patterns, originally from her neighbor. They’re mostly from the 70s and 80s, with some cute things, and some not so cute. I wish I knew why one women needed so many straight skirt patterns, though I shouldn’t talk, I have way too many uncut patterns myself. All of them are a bit worn, so the ones I don’t want will probably go to a BABES meeting and then get sent off to Pattern Rescue.

Here are a few that made me giggle:

Holy shoulderpads, Batman!

Check out the woman in the right back. I always elegantly pose with a bunch of lilies when I’m in my robe. Um, sure.

I could make up an entire novel about what the women on this pattern are doing. Particularly the women in sunglasses on the lower right – I suspect some kind of spying for the CIA in Eastern Europe, while working undercover as a ski instructor in St. Moritz.

Currently an item no straight man would be caught dead in, particularly with the embroidery. The design of this caftan is interesting, actually; it’s got a side front and center front, and pockets in the seam between, and an unusual shoulder/yoke thing in the back.


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