Drive-by post, March fabric usage

The SWAP contest deadline is April 11, so I’m in the midst of trying to finish that up, as well as some curtains that my mom helped me start when she was visiting last week. The SWAP will probably end up less exciting than I had originally planned, but I think that I can get the required number of garments done (using more already sewn and RTW options than I had originally thought, but within the rules). Hopefully soon I will have finished pieces and pictures.

In the meantime, check out the new summer pieces at Boden. Great candidates for a homesewn version, eh? I’m especially smitten with the shift dress with *pockets* (Erin @ DressADay would be proud). I’m not sure whether it would make me look like a big block, though.

BTW, at the end of March, my fabric balance stands at 16 yards more bought than used, almost twice as high as the end of February. Argh! I blame the 3 yards for $5 deal at FM recently. Must work to get that down.


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