I don’t know if Mary Brooks Picken would call these “gay little curtains,” but they do the trick.

A few weeks my parents were visiting while my dad attended a conference up in the city (i.e. San Francisco). I had been meaning to visit Fabrix for the first time, but I rarely get over to that side of town. So while my dad was in meetings, I picked up my mom and we headed over. Discount fabric heaven! It’s a small storefront but jampacked with fabrics, most of which were less than $4/yd. Most were cottons or synthetics; the knits were primarily poly but there was a good variety. They also had a good stash of trims and FOE, as well as zippers and buttons.

I picked up two knit remnants (a black cotton rib knit and a knit lace in aqua/plum/tan) as well as the curtain fabric. I confidently said that 3 yards should be plenty for the window, forgetting about the crazy huge horizontal-opening windows in our duplex. (Who the hell puts in 100″ wide windows? In a bedroom?) 3 yards was just *barely* enough, and there’s not much gathering when they’re closed. I’m not much of a big gathered drapes fan anyway, so these are fine by me.

Cattycorner down the street from Fabrix is also Satin Moon, which couldn’t be more different – silks, embroideries, upholstery fabric, fine wools. Gorgeous stuff, but pricey. I didn’t buy anything; there were some nice shirtings I thought about, but I should sew down my current stash first.

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