More SWAP pics

My new digital camera may have a better battery than the old one, but sadly it doesn’t instantly make me look thinner and more pulled together, or erase the awkward smiles I tend to make in pictures. Is there a class you can take on how to pose? Anyway, pictures of garments on hangers are so unsatisfying, and I don’t have a dressform. So I offer pictures of me wearing some of my SWAP combos, awkward smiles and all. (My grandmother, god bless, used to make this rictus-like grin whenever she was posing for a picture; she looked like she’d just contracted a disease that pulled all the skin on her face to the back of her skull. So it could be worse. Sorry, Gram.)

Textile Studio Santa Monica tee in black/white circle print poly; Butterick 5190 pants in black knit crepe.

Butterick 5190 cardigan in black cotton lace; New Look 6735 in black crinkle cotton.

Burda 8265 in black tencel/lycra jersey.

New Look 6729 in white cotton jersey; Butterick 5190 skirt in black/white circle print poly.

Jalie sweetheart tee in black/white knit; RTW jeans.

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