Where is the waist, and other philosophical questions

I’ve recently begun participation in a clinical trial comparing two different approaches of teaching health and nutrition to small weight-loss clinic groups. I was randomized to the group that concentrates on maintenance skills first, before starting the weight-loss portion. This is fortunate, as it turns out, since the Sharks are still in the playoffs, and there is absolutely nothing healthy to eat at the games. (The closest are the cold cut sandwiches, which as something that requires assembly, always has a deathly long line.)

The interesting sewing-related thing is that I had to go in for a clinic visit before classes started, for them to take all my measurements etc., so they can compare them with later visits. I asked the gal who was doing waist and hip measurements what exactly determined the waist, as far as they were concerned. Apparently, just like in sewing, it depends on who you ask. They were going with the ‘narrowest portion between the bottom of the ribs and the hipbone’ measurement. Interestingly, she took both waist and hip measurements 5 times, switching between the two in cycles so as to not do the same measurement twice in a row. Any measurement out of a certain plus/minus tolerance was redone additional times. All this was done while I stood on a small platform, with my back to a mirror so the measurerer could see where the tape was falling on my back side. Even with all that I noticed that each of the measurements were different each time, by a centimeter or two. It’s no wonder that sewers have so much trouble getting accurate measurements, when we take them ourselves while craning around, standing unevenly and wearing the wrong underwear, or ask uninterested and uninformed family members to take them.

My new PJs are done except hemming the top. I’m pondering making something teal to wear to the Sharks games, but I would want it to be something actually wearable at other times, not some odd novelty garment.


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