The SWAP winners have been announced, in case you’ve been in a cave the last couple days. Congrats to all. Of the top 5, I particularly resonated with Maria (Sewpharm), Heather, and Johanna’s wardrobes. Shannon and LauraLo always make beautiful, eye-popping pieces, but nothing I’d ever wear in my current life or with my figure.

I spent most of last week fighting off the evil flu virus that has been going around. Bleh! We did manage to go to Maker Faire on Sunday. Maybe it was the sickliness, but I was overwhelmed by all the people and the stuff, and underwhelmed with the actual content. I did spot several people I thought I recognized from their blogs – and in one case I now know I was correct – which was an odd sensation. A friend and I decided that we needed to make shirts reading “I think I read your blog.”

I’m finally feeling mostly better, so now I need to catch up on everything. I’ve been pondering options for the mini-wardrobe on PR (May) and the capsule contest on SG (June) – I’ve got an cream/indigo set which I had planned to use for the former, but I’m still pondering on the latter (esp. since it can’t have black in it – maybe the brown/teal I was originally going to use for my SWAP last year?). More on the summer sewing plan later.

Also, Nancy Zieman apparently has a new book/DVD combo coming out later this summer, titled Pattern Fitting with Confidence. I’ve had good success with Nancy-inspired pivot & slide alterations in some recent projects.


One thought on “Update

  1. Lots of great stuff there!

    I foudn myself skipping the more slender sewers and looking for folks with my body type. It’s nice to be able to see a range of outfits and figure out what seems to flatter and what doesn’t.

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