Summer sewing

In trying to think clearly about what I actually *need* this summer, here’s the list I’ve come up with:

1. Outfit for the SIA conference paper sessions at the end of the month. Slacks and a blouse? I just got some nice white/black crosshatched linen pants from AT Loft, they just need some alterations.

2. Outfit for a wedding reception in June. I’m thinking of wearing a teal/brown/white print dress, but it’s sleeveless. Maybe I need to make a jacket? I don’t have any appropriate fabric for this in the stash.

3. Clothes for the RWA conference in July. This will be four days long, I think, and I’ll be taking the train up to the city. This is my first nat’l conference, so I’m not sure how dressy people are. Weather could be anything, including quite cold, so smart business casual with a jacket layer and comfortable shoes is probably the best bet. I should go through the closet, assemble some possible outfits, and then find what holes exist. Addendum: I think I’ll use the June Capsule Contest on SG to work on stuff for this. I’ve got brown linen w/ a teal pinstripe that will work for pants/capris, and some teal shirting and jersey for tops and/or dresses.

4. Summer dresses. A few additional dresses, to wear at home (no a/c) on those days when you want to wear nothing at all but still have to be presentable.

5. Summer jacket to wear with jeans. Like a jean jacket but not in denim, so I’m not rockin’ the Texas tuxedo look. No idea about patterns or fabric yet with this one, it’s still in the conceptual stage.

6. Something to wear to my DH’s family shindig on Labor Day in Michigan. Something humidity-proof but packable – a cotton dress, or a top to wear with capris?


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